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Ilana Drucker M.A.

Ilana Drucker is founder and principal of Scorpio Research, a full-service qualitative research and strategy firm. She has conducted multi-faceted research studies for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to academic institutions. Ilana possesses vast experience in qualitative research, and has fielded more than two thousand focus groups, in-depth-interviews (IDIs), ethnographies, and usability sessions in the U.S. and abroad.   She has particular expertise in education, healthcare, and social cause studies.  

This expertise in moderating and qualitative research, coupled with Ilana’s passion for teaching, led to creation of Scorpio Research Training Center.   Ilana is lead trainer at the Center which provides customized moderator and group facilitation programs to companies, non-profits, and private individuals.


In addition to her business activities, Ilana is an educator. She has served as an adjunct professor of business and American history at New York University, Barry University, Miami-Dade College, and the Central Agency for Jewish Education.  Ilana is a professionally certified moderator. She is a guest lecturer on qualitative research and moderating at academic institutions. Ilana contributes articles to Association of Commercial Professionals - Life Sciences (ACP-LS) publications and is an editor for the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).   


Norma Lana, M.A. 

Norma Lana is a senior trainer at Scorpio Research.  She specializes in media, report, and presentation instruction for Scorpio Research clients.  Norma also conducts customized communication workshops for several Fortune 500 companies.

As an experienced Editorial Content Manager for Citigroup and Salomon Smith Barney, she created, produced, and edited video and written content. 

She has worked extensively with financial analysts and other executives to perfect their writing skills. She has also created a unique training protocol for recording and broadcasting financial videos and webcasts.

Norma has acted as an on-camera interviewer from trading floors and boardrooms across the globe. She has a background as a journalist and has written for many magazines and newspapers, including Institutional Investor and the New York Times. She has also recorded numerous books on tape as a voice-over artist


Jenny Karubian, M.A.

Jenny Karubian has served as a senior trainer at Scorpio Research for the past five years.  She is an expert researcher who specializes in ethnography, focus groups, and digital qual research. She has extensive experience across verticals, with particular focus on consumer goods, tech, beauty, and healthcare/pharma.  Jenny has conducted 3000+ qualitative research sessions in person and online.  She brings deep understanding of social science and human dynamics to her research training instruction. ​

​Originally trained as a cultural anthropologist, Jenny holds degrees from UCLA, Emory University, and the New School for Social Research.  Jenny is an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Sociology, and Gender Studies at Nunez Community College. 


Shelli Garson, M.A. 

Shelli brings vast market research experience and a passion for brand strategy to Scorpio Research Training.  She is an expert in teaching the fundamentals of digital and traditional Marketing.  Shelli crafts original creative/research briefs, based on social science theory plus protocol, to drive the narrative of compelling brand storytelling.  Clients include Fortune 500 companies, social media and digital brands, and creative agencies.  

Shelli is a nationally recognized moderator, ethnographer, and certified Brandwatch Social Listener.   She spent over fifteen years as VP of Qualitative and Quantitative Research at McCann Erickson, Saatchi, Bates and Ayer.  


Shelli is an Adjunct Professor in NYC @New School for Social Research/Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Brooklyn College, Laboratory of Merchandising (LIM), and Social Media Boot Camp.  


Scorpio Research Training

O: 305-519-6866

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