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Current Online Offerings

"Next-Level Moderating"

"Next-Level Moderating"

"Next-Level Moderating"

"Essentials of Ethnography"Next-Level Moderating"

"Moderating in the Online Environment

"Fundamentals of Moderating"

"Fundamentals of Moderating"

Designed for new or novice moderators seeking hands-on, experiential training in the basics of moderating qualitative research, with emphasis on focus groups.  Features remote practice sessions with real respondents and 1-on-1 trainer evaluation and coaching

"Next-Level Moderating"

Designed for those who have completed “Fundamentals of Moderating” or possess moderating experience wishing  to accelerate skills and techniques, with emphasis on laddering, projective techniques, and managing difficult participations and situations

"Moderating Online Methods"

Designed to teach moderators how to conduct research using online methods, from bulletin boards to online communities.  Interactive instruction regarding latest trends, tools, applications, and role of moderator in online environments

"Uncovering the
User Experience"

Designed for researchers involved with testing user experience on interactive products, services, devices throughout the development process.  Emphasis  upon test design, task instruction, neutral observer, and usability analysis

"Essentials of Ethnography"

Designed for researchers who conduct ethnographic interviews (homes, stores, other in-context), featuring best practices, interviewing techniques, and balancing role of moderator as both observer and researcher

"Maximizing Media Presentations"

Designed to increase the power and clarity of oral communications skills during presentations and on-screen camera events. Focus on personal presentation skills, body language, message delivery, and analysis of audience needs

Each one of our training programs incorporates content as well as moderating/teaching scenarios that are relevant and real to the participants. Before designing any training program, we gain a thorough understanding of your organization, culture, team members, research topics, and priorities. We then develop a training program designed to meet these unique criteria. We infuse our programs with myriad creative activities, brainstorming/ideation exercises, and spontaneous, on-the-fly moderating opportunities to engage, challenge, and inspire training participants.



MTV Networks

Senior VP

“Scorpio Research delivered an amazingly comprehensive moderator training program to my entire department... Everyone from novice moderators to skilled research professionals got a great deal out of the course. They all came out of the experience with positive feedback and a more comprehensive audience/consumer feedback skillset.”

Deep Focus

Director of Research & Consumer Insights

“I cannot recommend Scorpio Research highly enough. During a recent qualitative training, daily modules were expertly tailored to our team's specific needs, in addition to our varied experience levels. This training was a catalyst, spurring positive change within our Research Department. The experience was exceptional, and the impact of the training was immense.”

Head of User Experience

“Your training program changed the way we look at moderating. Everyone’s energy and level of engagement have increased. The one-on-one feedback was invaluable and helped my team discover the unconscious things they were doing as a moderator—both positive and negative. Now, they can better reinforce positive actions and work on decreasing negative ones.”


Consumer Reports

Test Program Leader

"As a relative newcomer to the field, I had the opportunity to attend Scorpio Research's Fundamental of Moderating Training. Right from the beginning, Scorpio's style of teaching (very hands on, lots of interactive exercises, and ability to provide feedback in a warm, yet constructive way), coupled with the small class size, made for an ideal environment to learn and personally grow. Being given the opportunity to run a real focus group enhanced my self-awareness as a moderator and substantially added to the experience. Based on what I have learned, I now have my own "cheat sheet", which is hanging next to my computer for constant reinforcement."

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