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Scorpio Research leverages 25 years of experience in market research, along with academic teaching in the field, to deliver a range of custom qualitative research and moderator training programs.  We provide virtual and on-site training to corporate entities, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and private students.


Custom Qualitative Research and
Moderator Training Programs

Each training program is tailored to each client.

We consider your relevant qualitative research methods, moderating channels, industry areas of focus, and levels of experience. Before designing any program, Scorpio Research trainers gain a thorough understanding of your research and moderating needs.  We then develop a training program designed to meet them. We incorporate content as well as moderating/teaching scenarios that are relevant and real to you.  Every Scorpio Research training features creative activities, brainstorming/ideation exercises, and spontaneous, on-the-fly moderating opportunities to engage, challenge, and inspire participants.


Scorpio Research Training

O: 305-519-6866

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